Apache OpenWhisk: serverless, cloud platform that executes functions in response

“Thanks to serverless computing we can go even further. The new world
needs to be asynchronous and elastic by design, and OpenWhisk provides
the features that we need.”

– Luis Enriquez,
Head of Platform Engineering & Architecture at Santander Group

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Why You Shouldn’t Use “Markdown” for Documentation

“Markdown” is the most commonly used lightweight markup language on the internet.
It is great for a subset of tasks,
mainly blog posts and commenting.
lately it has been adopted by the technical writing community as a solution for writing documentation.
I’d like to lay out the main arguments that I have against Markdown.
Hopefully this will be useful in helping you decide whether it’s a good fit for your organization.
If you are considering Markdown,
I hope that you also look at Asciidoctor and Sphinx.
I find them to be much better toolsets for writing documentation.
Markdown is often chosen because it’s viewed as a simple approach that handles the basic cases well.
Developers prefer it because GitHub supports it,
though GitHub supports 9 different markup languages,
including Asciidoc and reStructuredText.
As documentation grows from a few pages into a large set of documents,
Markdown quickly falls over and becomes a liability instead of a benefit.
I’d like to explain a bit more about

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