Building Your Own CDN for Fun and Profit

As you can (hopefully) see from this site, I like my pages fast. Very, very fast. Now, before we jump into this, let
me be very clear about it: using a CDN will only get you so far. If your site is slow because of shoddy frontend work,
a CDN isn’t going to help you much. You need to get your frontend work right first. However, once you’ve optimized
everything you could, it’s time to look at content delivery.
My main problem was that even though you could get the inital website load with a single HTTP request, my server being
hosted in Frankfurt, the folks from Australia still had to wait up to 2-3 seconds to get it. Round trip times of over
300 ms and a lot of providers inbetween made the page load just like any other WordPress page.
So what can we do about it? One

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