XML is 20

“It was twenty years ago today/Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play…. Actually, it was 21½ years ago today that Jon Bosak pulled together the original XML Working Group. But yes, it was on February 10, 1998 that XML 1.0 was released to the world. Which is worth talking about.
It turns out that if you follow the pointers back, the original XML 1.0 Specification is still out there; my fingers were the last to touch that document. The history of how XML came to be has been told at great length elsewhere, as have
the details about that February 10th, so there’s no need to revisit.
What matters?
Twenty years later, it seems obvious that the most important thing about XML is that it was the first. The first data format that anyone could pack anything up into, send across the network to anywhere, and unpack on the other end, without asking

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