The ReMarkable E Ink Tablet

All images and videos: Andrew Liszewski/GizmodoDo you remember when everyone thought the arrival of the iPad heralded the demise of E Ink-based devices? Even yours truly far prefers the experience of reading books on the bright, full-color LCD display of the iPad Mini. Consequently I’ve spent a lot of time questioning the need for e-ink devices like Amazon Kindle or anything created by E Ink, the primary producer or e-ink displays. But at CES last month I had an abrupt change of heart. It was there I was able to try out the reMarkable tablet for the first time, and after playing with it for a few minutes, I was excited at the thought of finally being able to go completely paperless; no more notebooks, no more misplaced scraps of paper, and no more sticky notes. I immediately begged them to loan me a unit to review, and after nearly

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AWS Lambda IDE

How does SLAppForge compare to AWS Cloud9?

Unlike Cloud9, SLAppForge does not require a server/VM or an EC2 instance as a backend. It
operates completely within a standard web browser as a lightweight Serverless application itself.
It has been designed and developed to cater for Serverless application development, and is not a
general purpose IDE presenting a browser based interface. Everything performed with SLAppForge
happens between your web browser and your AWS resources.

Refer Cloud 9 and TODO

The SLAppForge editor is a hybrid between drag-and-drop style development, and the full and ultimate power
of code. The drag-and-drop snippets introduce a powerful, uniform and intuitive library with auto-completion,
which allow users to quickly become productive in developing Werverless applications that integrate with a
myriad of AWS based services currently supported, and being added.

How much does SLAppForge cost?


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