Common WordPress SEO Mistakes

This is a guide I have put together covering the best WordPress SEO tips to help website owners and bloggers who don’t know how to optimize their sites or are making innocent yet problematic mistakes.
I can’t tell you how many websites, even established ones (not mentioning any names) that make some of the most glaringly obvious mistakes with their onsite SEO when using WordPress.
I’m going to break these WordPress SEO tips into several groups.
Remove the Defaults
When you first install WordPress there are several defaults that are already set. Many webmasters even those with well-established sites are still making some of these mistakes so here’s what to remove.
Default Plugins – Depending on who you installed your WordPress website with (hosting company) you may have used an installer script that auto-installs several plugins that are of little use.
You can deactivate and leave them as they are if you are unsure, or delete

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