Tensorflow 1.5.0 CPU and GPU installation for linux and windows

Hello everyone. This is going to be a tutorial on how to install tensorflow using official pre-built pip packages. To install tensorflow with pip packages is easier as compared to building using CMake or Bazel. Pre-built pip package are fully tested officially. However, since they are configured in such a way that they can support legacy hardware too, using pip package may not use full capability on your new and powerful hardware. Building pip package the solution to fully optimize tensorflow to use full capability of your hardware. However, building is a time-consuming process and generally recommended for advanced users only. If you are looking to build tensorflow instead, you can check out our other blog posts:
For Ubuntu 16.04
For Windows 10
In this tutorial, we will look at how to install tensorflow CPU and GPU both for Ubuntu as well as Windows OS. For our purpose, we will look at installing the latest version

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Google expands controls to let you mute those annoying ads that follow you on every site

 At first, it may seem an odd move. Google makes money on its ads business, and giving advertisers free rein to stalk you on every site seems really good for companies hoping to remind you of that thing you checked out one time. But the search giant wrote in a blog post out today that it wants to give you, the consumer, more transparency and control. Read More

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