GitLab 10.4 released

Reordering Issues in Epics Epics allow you to manage a list of associated issues that together share a theme. Often an epic represents a large feature that has been separated into multiple issues to be worked on across multiple milestones. Depending on an organization’s workflow, they may want the list order in epics to reflect different scenarios. This could be priority, difficulty, feasibility, or order of implementation. Some organizations might want to put closed issues near the top, while others might want them near the bottom. With this release, users can now reorder the issues in an epic by simply dragging and dropping, similar to that in Issue Boards. Read through the documentation on Epics Epics API With this release, the GitLab API supports Epics. So you can now manage individual epics, lists of epics, and all epic attributes (title, description, and dates) through the API, allowing your team to

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