PyTorch, a year in

Today marks 1 year since PyTorch was released publicly. It’s been a wild ride — our quest to build a flexible deep learning research platform. Over the last year, we’ve seen an amazing community of people using, contributing to and evangelizing PyTorch — thank you for the love.

Looking back, we wanted to summarize PyTorch over the past year: the progress, the news and highlights from the community.

We’ve been blessed with a strong organic community of researchers and engineers who fell in love with PyTorch. The core team has engineers and researchers from multiple countries, companies and universities, and we couldn’t have made PyTorch what it is without each contribution.

Research papers, packages and Github

Within days of release, users from the community started to implement their favorite research papers in PyTorch and release the code on Github. Open-source code is a primary and essential tool for researchers today.

Folks came together to create

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