Migrating MySQL to PostgreSQL with minimal downtime

When I started writing pg_chameleon I had in mind a tool making simple to migrate from different dbms engines to PostgreSQL.The name was inspired by the Culture Club’s Karma chameleon song which suggested me the idea of a tool capable to move data between different database technologies.Then tool’s scope changed becoming a replica system rather a migration system but I’ve kept the name as I think the idea is still valid. However, during the development of the now discontinued version 1 I needed to migrate a MySQL database rather replicating it. Therefore I added a command to detach the replica, allowing the migration to happen with very minimal downtime.

pg_chameleon requires python to be at least 3.3; in this example we’ll use python 3.6.The the tables during the initial copy are locked one by one.
So, probably, the best way to setup the MySQL-PostgreSQL replica is to use a cascading MySQL as

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