Replace Skype with Discord for Better Audio Quality and Web-Based Interviews

I’ve been podcasting since June of 2005, and since June of 2005 I’ve been using Skype for every episode of every show we’ve ever done. For years, Skype was sensitive to the needs and use-cases of podcasters and worked quite well. Unfortunately, over the past year this has changed, and Skype’s interface and audio codec have changed such that it’s now difficult to use and adds a lot of noise (comfort noise!) into the connection. With that, I sought out another solution and that solution is Discord.Discord has been around since May, 2015, and was built as a platform for gamers to chat. It features, text, audio, and video chatting, and can be tweaked to attain very high sound quality with zero extra noise. Discord is also built such that it can be used entirely inside a web browser, meaning your interview guests don’t have to download the Discord app. In

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