HAProxy in 2018: HTTP/2 and dynamic reconfig

HAProxy is a load balancer and SSL/TLS terminator. Since you want to keep your HTTPS certificate and key in one place, want to send requests to your multiple app servers evenly, and want to be able to take down individual servers for deploys, a load balancer can sit there monitoring the backend app servers and sending traffic only to the servers you want.
HAProxy 1.8 came out just before the end of 2017. It’s the first release of HAProxy to include full HTTP/2 support – previous versions only allowed you to pass through HTTP/2 to a seperate server to terminate there. 1.8 finally allows the typical ‘terminate on the load balancer’ scenario with HTTP/2.
Most HAProxy guides on the internet are outdated: they require you to manually modify the config or stop services on your app servers during deploys, but you don’t need to do that anymore. Two years ago HAProxy

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