I Was a Messenger Spoof Victim


A few days ago I returned to my office after a meeting to find emails and voicemails telling me that someone was sending facebook messenger messages pretending they were from me. The first message sent was an innocuous “Hello, how are you doing?” But if the recipient engaged it quickly turned into how I got a $300,000 government grant to pay off my bills, and tried to convince the recipient to send an email to “the agent in charge” to see if they were eligible. I suspect if followed through it would either ask for payment of a loan application fee, or ask for credit card or other personal details.
Fortunately, it didn’t take long for my followers to realize it was a scam and not me.
This government grant scam is a known scam approach. Typically one of two things has happened. Either the malfeasant has hacked into my facebook account,

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