2017-12-05 16:13:32

Speaking of convolution. I’m trying out the idea of a wizzy editor for GitHub readmes. A simple editor, based on Medium-Editor, so you get styling, lists, heads. I found a plug-in that generates Markdown code. So what I push up to GitHub is Markdown, which is the only style that GH renders as HTML as far as I know. It works. Now the question is how to save the text locally between edits. Ideally it would be in Markdown, but the plug-in can’t turn Markdown into HTML to initialize the editor. There was a thread on the repo for the project where people asked for this but it appears not to have happened. I tried a hack. Use another MD processor to do the initial conversion, and go from there. Hey Markdown is enough of a standard that it appears to work. I love it. PS: I started a thread

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