What’s new in CKEditor 5

Table of contentsEnhanced UXBetter imagesSimple linkingAutoformattingEnhanced classic editorNew toolbarInlined contentFewer features == better contentLightweightHighly customizableCustom data modelCollaborative editingModernEnhanced UXCKEditor 5 strives to provide a truly seamless, distraction-free editing experience to allow the users to focus on creating great content.
Better imagesInserting images into the content is now very intuitive, with all technical aspects (uploading, resizing) hidden from the user experience. No more complex dialogs!

The outdated concept of image alignment was dropped in favor of image styles:

When integrated with Easy Image, uploading, resizing and producing different image sizes for responsive design is all automated.

Simple linkingNo more complex dialogs for links.

AutoformattingStart lists, headings and even bold text by typing, without the need to use toolbar buttons. See Autoformatting feature for more details.

Enhanced classic editorFor CKEditor 5 we reinvented the concept of the “boxed” editor.
New toolbarThe toolbar is now always visible when the user scrolls the page down.

Inlined contentThe editor content is now placed

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