OpenBSD 6.2 Released

Contributed by
Peter N. M. Hansteen
on 2017-10-09
from the Puffy’s 44th release dept.

A few days ahead of the date hinted at by the work-in-progress release page, OpenBSD 6.2 was released today, October 9th 2017.
Notable changes in this release are as always numerous, and include:

Improved hardware support on modern platforms including ARM64/ARMv7 and octeon, while amd64 users will appreciate additional support for the Intel Kaby Lake video cards.
Network stack improvements include extensive SMPization improvements and a new FC-Qdel queueing discipline, as well as enhanced WiFi support in general and improvements to iwn(4), iwm(4) and anthn(4) drivers.
Improvements in vmm(4)/vmd include VM migration, as well as various compatibility and performance improvements.
Security enhancements including a new freezero(3) function, further pledge(2)ing of base system programs and conversion of several daemons to the fork+exec model.
Trapsleds, , and random linking for libcrypto and, dramatically increase security by making it harder to find helpful gadgets, and by creating a

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