Fun with Toshi: Building a Simple Ethereum Faucet

I’ve been following Coinbase’s Toshi for a while — but never built anything. If you’re unfamiliar with Toshi, it’s a hybrid of a wallet, app platform and secure messenger — available for iOS and Android. Checkout this post if you want more detail.Building simple apps on ethereum has — at least for me — been daunting to get started with. However, it turns out it’s super easy with Toshi.Of course I started by following the pretty great docs and tutorial over at – this meant I ended up building something, testing it and getting it deployed in about 2 hours end to end!So, what did I build?A faucet I found at Imagine it’s ethereum coming out of it. That’s what I made.A super simple ethereum testnet faucet chatbot. It will send you small amounts of tokens, and also thank you if you send it tokens too!So, lets look at some code — this part sends the current user $0.10 in

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