How Do Cryptocurrency Blockchains Really Work?

Most of us simply know it as the technology behind the highly popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but the reality is that blockchain’s usefulness isn’t just limited to digital currencies.
A few of its proponents include business icons like Bill Gates and Richard Branson, and the blockchain even has the big banks tripping over one another to be the first to apply its many uses to their own business.
But what really is the blockchain, and why does it have everyone from Wall Street to Silicon Valley so excited?
What Is The Blockchain?
Historically, people and businesses have relied on middleman like and banks and governments to ensure the fair transaction of money or items of value. These intermediaries are necessary to building trust in the transactional process through authentication and keeping records.
Intermediaries became especially necessary during the dawn of the digital age where digital transactions became normal. Modern digital assets like stocks, money, and intellectual

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