A lot of the hype about Node.js is bullshit

I think w3schools does a good job. I use their stuff as a reference all the time for net programming. I was looking at their new tutorial for Node.js and on the first page they repeat the hype about Node that I’ve always suspected was BS, and now that I have a few years in, I know it is.
Node is a fine environment, I use it as my main server runtime, and lately I’ve been building a lot with Electron, and there you’re using Node on the desktop. I have a love-hate relationship with Node, I’m a prisoner to some bad design imho but it’s great to be have one syntax instead of two for client and server apps.
But other environments like Java and Python are probably just as efficient as Node without all the crazy callbacks. Their runtimes can suspend a process until its I/O completes. All

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