Gitlab dominates self-hosted git, next step: Auto Deploy

GitLab has transformed from offering just version control to becoming the first integrated product for DevOps. With GitLab you can go all the way from chatting about an idea to measuring it in production without spending time on configuring a bunch of tools. The version control part of GitLab is now used by 2/3 of the market that self host Git. The continuous integration (CI) part of GitLab is now the most popular next generation CI system. Today we introduce the future direction of GitLab: Auto DevOps. When we announced our master plan in September of 2016, we gave our vision for a tool that changes the way developers create software. Before the end of 2016 we completed the master plan and introduced Auto Deploy. Auto Deploy evolved and sparked a vision for a more integrated DevOps experience. Today we have a video to present that vision of Auto DevOps.

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