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What is NoSQL Injection?

Written by Pete Corey on Jul 3, 2017.

Progress on Inject Detect continues to chug along. I’ve been working on building out an educational section to hold a variety of articles and guides designed to help people better understand all things NoSQL Injection.

This week I put the finishing touches on two new articles: ”What is NoSQL Injection?”, and “How do you prevent NoSQL Injection?”.

For posterity, I’ve included both articles below.

What is NoSQL Injection?

NoSQL Injection is security vulnerability that lets attackers take control of database queries through the unsafe use of user input. It can be used by an attacker to:

Expose unauthorized information
Modify data
Escalate privileges
Take down your entire application
Over the past few years, we’ve worked with many teams building amazing software with Meteor and MongoDB. But to our shock and dismay, we’ve found NoSQL Injection vulnerabilities in nearly all


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