Show HN: Light-web-pages, a “free” alternative to AMP, Instant Articles et al

Light Web-Pages (LWP) is a mechanism for redirecting users automatically to the lighter versions of the web-pages they
What is LWP?
LWP is a proposal to add a new header in HTTP GET and HEAD requests, indicating the client’s preference in favour of a
lighter version of the requested resource. The server, then, should redirect the client to the lighter version of
the requested resource, if exists.
LWP is proposed as an open alternative to the current proprietary solutions, to keep the Web free, and also to make it
accessible to users with limited/bad Internet connections.
What LWP tries to solve?
The average web-page size increases steadily and regardless of whether it might be considered as a bloat or not, it
constitutes a problem for many users on mobile and other platforms with bad Internet connections. There is a trend,
as we might call, which led to numerous projects to solve the problem, and the central

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