Universal Apps with React Native

When I first made a grid I happened to be thinking of the innocence of trees and then this grid came into my mind and I thought it represented innocence, and I still do, and so I painted it and then I was satisfied. I thought, this is my vision. –Agnes Martin

In your project folder, yarn add react-native-responsive-grid
*requires React Native 0.43.x or newer
Before React Native v0.42 we didn’t have a performant, declarative way of specifying percentage-based dimensions. Then came React Native v0.42 which gave us that ability. Since then several open source contributors have made responsive grids that take advantage of this new capability. This “grid” takes one of the simplest and most well-thought-out ones, namely, react-native-flexbox-grid (by @rundmt), and modifies it heavily to produce a simple yet powerful layout model that we can use to implement responsive and adaptive behavior in our apps.
A Unified Theory of Layout
This grid eschews

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