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Generate your own sounds with NSynth

[Editorial Note: One of the best parts of working on the Magenta project is getting to interact with the awesome community of artists and coders. Today, we’re very happy to have a guest blog post by one of those community members, Parag Mital, who has implemented a fast sampler for NSynth to make it easier for everyone to generate their own sounds with the model.]

NSynth is, in my opinion, one of the most exciting developments in audio synthesis since granular and concatenative synthesis. It is one of the only neural networks capable of learning and directly generating raw audio samples. Since the release of WaveNet in 2016, Google Brain’s Magenta and DeepMind have gone on to explore what’s possible with this model in the musical domain. They’ve built an enormous dataset of musical notes and also released a model trained on all of this data. That means you can encode


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