Node 8.1.0 Released

Async HooksWhen one Promise leads to the creation of a new Promise, the parent
Promise will be identified as the trigger

File system
InspectorIt is now possible to bind to a random port using –inspect=0

ZlibA regression in the Zlib module that made it impossible to properly
subclasses zlib.Deflate and other Zlib classes has been fixed.

[b8e90ddf53] – assert: fix deepEqual similar sets and maps bug (Joseph Gentle) #13426
[47c9de9842] – assert: fix deepEqual RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded (rmdm) #13318
[135f4e6643] – (SEMVER-MINOR) async_hooks: use parent promise as triggerId (JiaLi.Passion) #13367
[9db02dcc85] – async_hooks,http: fix socket reuse with Agent (Anna Henningsen) #13348
[6917df2a80] – async_wrap: run destroy in uv_timer_t (Trevor Norris) #13369
[65f22e481b] – build: use existing variable to reduce complexity (Bryce Baril) #2883
[291669e7d8] – build: streamline JS test suites in Makefile (Rich Trott) #13340
[dcadeb4fef] – build: fix typo (Nikolai Vavilov) #13396
[50b5f8bac0] – crypto: clear err stack after ECDH::BufferToPoint (Ryan Kelly) #13275
[968596ec77] – deps: upgrade libuv to 1.12.0 (cjihrig)

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