Node 8.1.0 Released

Async HooksWhen one Promise leads to the creation of a new Promise, the parent
Promise will be identified as the trigger

File system
InspectorIt is now possible to bind to a random port using –inspect=0

ZlibA regression in the Zlib module that made it impossible to properly
subclasses zlib.Deflate and other Zlib classes has been fixed.

[b8e90ddf53] – assert: fix deepEqual similar sets and maps bug (Joseph Gentle) #13426
[47c9de9842] – assert: fix deepEqual RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded (rmdm) #13318
[135f4e6643] – (SEMVER-MINOR) async_hooks: use parent promise as triggerId (JiaLi.Passion) #13367
[9db02dcc85] – async_hooks,http: fix socket reuse with Agent (Anna Henningsen) #13348
[6917df2a80] – async_wrap: run destroy in uv_timer_t (Trevor Norris) #13369
[65f22e481b] – build: use existing variable to reduce complexity (Bryce Baril) #2883
[291669e7d8] – build: streamline JS test suites in Makefile (Rich Trott) #13340
[dcadeb4fef] – build: fix typo (Nikolai Vavilov) #13396
[50b5f8bac0] – crypto: clear err stack after ECDH::BufferToPoint (Ryan Kelly) #13275
[968596ec77] – deps: upgrade libuv to 1.12.0 (cjihrig)

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Wireshark, World’s Popular Network Protocol Analyzer, Gets New Stable Release

Coming almost two months after the release of Wireshark 2.2.6, this new maintenance update is here to patch read overflow vulnerabilities in the DOF and DHCP dissectors

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