Frontier’s object database on GitHub

Thinking out loud…
I’m working with Brent and Ted Howard on a reboot of Frontier.
Brent has been writing about it on Have a look.
One of the jobs I’ve taken on is figuring out how to make Frontier object database scripts available on GitHub. I want to do it so that it’s easy to restore a bit of functionality that didn’t make it into the new Frontier.root. I want it all to be at most one click away.
So this means storing the objects in multiple forms.
1. A human-readable form. One of the nice things about GitHub is that there’s a web interface, and you can click around and look at stuff. It’s a nice way to view code.
2. A “binary” representation, in quotes because Frontier doesn’t actually emit objects in binary. The most obfuscated format is a base64-encoded text file which we called Fat Page format. That

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