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Node v8.0.0 Released

The next major release of Node.js brings a range of significant changes and
additions, far too many for us to cover adequately in a blog post such as this.
This article contains a summary of the most significant changes and features.
npm, Inc. recently
announced the release of version
5.0.0 of the npm client and we are happy to include this significant new version
within Node.js 8.0.0.
Node.js 8.0.0 ships with V8 5.8, a significant update to the JavaScript runtime
that includes major improvements in performance and developer facing APIs. Most
significant for Node.js developers is the fact that V8 5.8 is guaranteed to have
forwards ABI compatibility with V8 5.9 and the upcoming V8 6.0, which will help
to ensure stability of the Node.js native addon ecosystem. During Node.js 8’s
lifetime, we plan to move to 5.9 and possibly even 6.0.
The V8 5.8 engine also helps set up a pending transition to the new
TurboFan + Ignition
compiler pipeline, which promises to provide


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