What Is Hyperledger?

Join over 15, 889 membersAngel investors, Startups & blockchain developers…One of the projects you will inevitably stumble upon when you visit blockchain conferences and follow blockchain news is Hyperledger of the Linux Foundation. But while it is relatively straight forward to understand what cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and even Ethereum are, it is more difficult to get your head around the Hyperledger initiative. But if you do, you’ll find some exciting projects for non-currency, industrial blockchain applications.What is Hyperledger?Let’s start with what Hyperledger is not: Not a company. Not a cryptocurrency. Not a blockchain. Hyperledger is rather something like a hub for open industrial blockchain development. On its website Hyperledger explains:“Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. It is a global collaboration, hosted by The Linux Foundation, including leaders in finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing, and Technology.”Hyperledger does not support Bitcoin or

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Show HN: Legion, an as-simple-as-possible blockchain server written in Haskell


An as-simple-as-possible blockchain server inspired by naivechain, but written in Haskell. Spinning up several
Legion nodes creates a peer to peer network that syncronizes the block chain across the network.
Prereqs: To compile from source, you’ll need stack.
Alternatively, you can get a precompiled pre-release binary. Note: if you download the binary
from github, you’ll need to mark it executable by running:
$ chmod +x legion-exe

$ stack exec legion-exe [http port] [p2p port] [optional: `seedhost:seedP2PPort`]

$ stack exec legion-exe 8001 9001

By default, legion will log what it’s doing to standard out. In another terminal window:
$ stack exec legion-exe 8002 9002 localhost:9001

Alternatively, you grab the binaries from the github releases, and run that directly rather than via stack exec
The 3rd argument tells the node where a seed node can be found to bootstrap the connection to the
peer to peer network. The current state of the (valid) blockchain will be fetched from all servers,

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I was stupid enough to keep going – story of growing ThemeIsle to $50k/mo

Hello! What’s your background, and what are you working on?
I’m Ionut Neagu. I studied computer science, and then in my final year of college I got into freelancing. I found some early success, so I kept doing that for about a year.

I thought that the next step would be expanding by starting an agency, and that clients would come to me on their own, simply because I had some business cards printed out and a business website on the Internet. Spoiler alert… it doesn’t work like that.
I failed. The agency idea didn’t go anywhere.
So I decided to pivot, and I launched ThemeIsle with a couple of friends. The goal was to give people access to some high-quality and simple to use WordPress themes. I had many hopes going into it. However, six months in, I was, again, ready to close the whole thing down.
But somehow we endured. We

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Re JSON feed

People have asked what I think of JSON feed…
My longtime friend and collaborator, Brent Simmons, is one of the two guys who designed the format. In fact I am in Seattle right now visiting Brent, talking about another project, though of course we have discussed JSON feed. I knew it was coming. Brent and I emailed about it about a month ago.
My opinion is pretty neutral. Kind of a shoulder shrug. It reminds me of the slogan from Battlestar Galactica. “All of this has happened before and will happen again.”
The hype around this effort reminds me of the hype at the start of Atom. Thankfully the personal stuff does not seem to be coming along with it this time.
Is this something we should be focusing on?
I think we have to work on climate change and the fascism that’s trying to boot up in the US. Our systems for news

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