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Ardour 5.9 released

Ardour 5.9 is now available, representing several months of
development that spans some new features and many improvements
and fixes.

Among other things, some significant optimizations were made
to redraw performance on OS X/macOS that may be apparent if
you are using Ardour on that platform. There were further
improvements to tempo and MIDI related features and lots of
small improvements to state serialization. Support for the
Presonus Faderport 8 control surface was added (see the manual
for some quite
thorough documentation).

As usual, there are also dozens or hundreds of other fixes
based on continuing feedback from wonderful Ardour users


General Changes and Improvements
Prevent adding Master Bus to a Track/Bus group and make group button insensitive.
Re/Add send options in the Processor box context menu and an option to allow feedback loop via Aux sends.
Improvements to behaviour of Track/Bus/VCA Color Selection dialog.
Consistent Color Selection dialogs


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