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Using the Windows Subsystem for Linux with Xfce 4

In my previous article, I’ve shown you how to install WSL, the Windows System for Linux, on a fresh Windows 10 Creators Update. Officially, at the time of this writing, WSL supports only command-line applications. However, you can install graphical Linux applications and run these under WSL if you have an X server like VcXsrv or Xming, on your Windows machine. Assuming that you have a working WSL installation, start Bash on Ubuntu on Windows, or open a Command Prompt and type bash in it. First step is to install a window manager. From my experience, Xfce works reasonably well with WSL: Next, you will need to modify the .bashrc file. There are a few text editors that work under WSL. I suggest to use vim or nano, e.g.: The second command from above will open .bashrc in nano and you can scroll to the end of the file and


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