GitHub Workflow and Legal Drafting

There are a few posts on Slaw about Git/GitHub and the law, including several posts by Tim Knight. In most cases, the discussion centers on using GitHub to publish legislation and track legislative changes. I promise this column isn’t merely a regurgitation of previous content.
On Slaw, and in any post on the Internet that talks about Git and legal content, the fact that some legal document has been posted on GitHub is seen as an indication that somebody is trying to make things more transparent or collaborative, or just trying to bring the law closer to technology.
I think we have yet to see the real impact of software-like version control and collaboration in the actual practice of law and in the legal publishing world.
Git, GitHub and Version Control
Git and GitHub (or similar software and repositories[i]) are fundamental tools for computer programmers.
Git is a software programmed by Linus Torvalds (of Linux

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