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Show HN: SpartanS – a pub-compatible minimal RPG rule system

An RPG rule system for instant, free-style role playing. It features
simple, lightweight, consistent rules that fit on one page of A4 paper. You
can download the SpartanS rules from
this site.


SpartanS—the Spartanic RPG System—is a very simple
rule system. Its goal is to stay out of the way when a group of people
spontaneously decides to start a game session. For this reason, SpartanS
relies only on the six-sided die, because this type of die can be assumed to
be available everywhere—even in a pub!

SpartanS uses consistent rules and tries to avoid the usage of different
number values for different things: It should be easy to ‘guess the rules
correctly.’ SpartanS is very much suited for free-style role playing.

This page outlines the rules of SpartanS and also explains the rationale
behind it. It is longer than the pure rules sheet and intended for the
interested reader and potential game master. If you want the condensed form,
you can download SpartanS rules


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