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Putting GPUs to work with Kubernetes

Over the last 4 months I have blogged 4 times about the enablement of GPUs in Kubernetes. Each time I did so, I spent several days building and destroying clusters until it was just right, making the experience as fluid as possible for adventurous readers.It was not the easiest task as the environments were different (cloud, bare metal), the hardware was different (g2.xlarge have old K20s, p2 instances have K80s, I had 1060GTX at home but on consumer grade Intel NUC…). As a result, I also spent several hours supporting people to set up clusters. Usually with success, but I must admit some environments have been challenging.Thankfully the team at Canonical in charge of developing the Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes have productized GPU integration and made it so easy to use that it would just be a shame not to talk about it.And as of course happiness never comes alone,


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