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CoffeeScript 2.0 Beta Released

CoffeeScript 2 aims to output as much idiomatic ES2015+ syntax as possible with as few breaking changes from CoffeeScript 1.x as possible. Some breaking changes, unfortunately, were unavoidable.

Initial beta release of CoffeeScript 2. No further breaking changes are anticipated.
Destructured objects and arrays now output using ES2015+ syntax whenever possible.
Literate CoffeeScript now has much better support for parsing Markdown, thanks to using Markdown-It to detect Markdown sections rather than just looking at indentation.
Calling a function named get or set now requires parentheses, to disambiguate from the get or set keywords (which are disallowed).
The compiler now requires Node 7.6+, the first version of Node to support asynchronous functions without requiring a flag.
Better handling of default, from, as and * within import and export statements. You can now import or export a member named default and the compiler won’t interpret it as the default keyword.
Fixed a bug where invalid octal escape sequences weren’t


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