Building a r/place in a weekend

On Friday I accepted a challenge to clone Reddit’s /r/place in a weekend. And I did it, and its live, and its amazing:

Being able to build this in a weekend isn’t genius. Its possible because programming is made up of 2 activities:

Making decisions (95%)
Typing (5%)
Reddit wrote up a wonderful blog post about how they made the original, so lots of the decisions were already made for me. How much load I need to handle, how big to make it, the palette and some of the UI I’m using directly. I didn’t copy reddit’s architecture though, simply because I don’t agree with some of their technical decisions. But the places in which I disagree are all based on decades of my own programming experience, so I still don’t have a lot of decisions left to make.

To be clear, if I was building this for reddit a weekend wouldn’t be enough time.

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