A quick start guide to Commodore 64 assembly programming on Windows (2011)

Update: All needed files for this tutorial can be found in the GitHub repo linked in the bottom of this page.
I noticed that a lot of people are creating graphical programs to the Commodore 64 again, so I decided to let you know of the tools I use, and how you can use them to create C-64 apps in Windows. I might write more articles on C-64 programming if there’s an interest for it. If you want more, let me know by writing a comment to this article
Note: You do not need to own a Commodore 64 to create programs. In this article, I’m going to use a cross assembler and an emulator.
Cross Assembler?A cross assembler enables you to assemble the code on your computer, and then later transfer the code to a real C-64 or an emulator to run the program. In my opinion, this makes it a lot

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