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RAGrid: Powerful intrinsic pure CSS flexbox grid

The way we talk about the grid in our teams, should be the same way we code the grid. Forget xs-col-5 or IbBox W(1/3) or whatever is in fashion, let’s use the same speak we do with people, with our machines.This grid is a bit different though, in that it seeks to allow contents to decide their own size by default. Most grids are explicit about widths, and the content must block level fill the space. With RAGrid, you distribute and align the items which manage their own size. If this doesn’t make sense, here’s some reading on intrinsic and extrinsic CSS, and I suggest you resize your browser while looking at an example to see just how different this grid is.tldr;Columns and rows are intrinsicly sized by default, so they rag and flow like typography (RAGrid.. get it..)It follows the Adobe/Sketch align tool jargonLayout is described via attributes &


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