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HTTP/2 is not the future, it’s the present

Remember, in may 1996, the very first HTTP protocol version (HTTP/1.0) was born.This protocol is described as a RFC 1945.
But time as passed and web applications has evolved a lot. We are now creating web applications that brings more and more logic in the browser and for that we need to load more and more assets: this means that we have to load multiple CSS which sometimes are making animations in the browser or also complex operations, more and more Javascript and images too.
HTTP/1.1 release has offered and allowed us to use a kind of new web technologies we’ve known these last years, but web application are more and more done on smartphones and other connected devices, which is why the needs are now focused on web browsing performances.
After a first step made by Google in 2009 with the SPDY protocol, HTTP/2 is finally going in the same direction with the RFC 7540.

Nowadays, HTTP/2 protocol is supported by most browsers and it’s important to


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