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TypeScript at Slack

When Brendan Eich created the very first version of JavaScript for Netscape Navigator 2.0 in merely ten days, it’s likely that he did not expect how far the Slack Desktop App would take his invention: We use one JavaScript code base to build a multi-threaded desktop application, routinely interacting with native code, targeting Windows, macOS, and Linux.Managing large JavaScript codebases is challenging — whenever we casually pass objects from Chrome’s JavaScript to Objective-C just to receive a callback on a different thread in Node.js, we need a guarantee that the individual pieces fit together. In the desktop world, a small mistake is likely to result in an application crash. To that end, we adopted TypeScript (a statically typed superset of JavaScript) and quickly learned to stop worrying and love the compiler. It’s not just us, either: In the 2017 StackOverflow Developer Survey, TypeScript was the third most-loved programming technology. Given how quickly


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