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Testing the Windows Subsystem for Linux

Following the release of Windows Subsystem for Linux, the development team has created and released a series of technical deep dive blog posts. For a better understanding of the foundations of WSL check out the WSL Overview post.
Thank you to Ben Hillis, Vikas Agrawal, and Sunil Muthuswamy for providing content and review.
The goal of Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is to provide a command line developer environment identical to those on *nix systems without requiring a virtual machine. This primarily consists of access to command line utilities, native ELF64 binary execution, and support common developer frameworks like MEAN and LAMP web server stacks. Additionally, to make the system feel as native as possible, WSL exposes both the Windows file system and networking stack automatically. All of this is accomplished via a kernel level emulation layer that translates system calls from Linux to their corresponding NT counterpart. Where there is no


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