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Introducing ReactXP

The Skype team at Microsoft are happy to announce that we are open sourcing ReactXP, a library that we developed for cross-platform development. It builds upon React JS and React Native, allowing you to create apps that span both web and native with a single code base.

History of ReactXP

Skype runs on many platforms — desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, browsers, and even TVs and cars. Historically, the UI for each Skype client was written from scratch in the “native” language of each platform (Objective C on iOS, Java on Android, HTML and javascript on the web, etc.). About a year ago, we embarked on an effort to reinvent Skype. We decided that we needed to take a fresh approach to client development – one that would maximize our engineering efficiency and agility. We wanted to move away from implementing each new feature multiple times in different code bases. We wanted


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