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Electron is flash for the desktop (2016)

What is slack doing?

The process was in the background when this happened. I wasn’t even interacting with it – I was in a meeting. I only noticed because my laptop fans were whurring when I got back. Restarting slack seemed to fix it for now.

But that’s not abnormal for slack. In fact, slack often idles at 5% CPU usage. Whats it doing? I have no idea.

And I bet the slack team doesn’t know either. How many lines of code do you think the slack team wrote to make their client work? I’d guess around 50k. Maybe 100k. But slack isn’t a native app. At least – not a normal native app. Its built on top of electron, so when you download slack you’re actually downloading a complete copy of Google Chrome. Chrome, at the time of writing is 15 million non-comment lines. When you download slack, 99% of the code


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