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Clean-text bookmarkletSaturday 8 April 2017I love the text-based web. I love that people can speak their minds, express
opinions, encourage each other, and create a lively world of words. This
also means they are free to design their text in, shall we say, expressive
ways. Those ways are not always ideal for actually reading the words.Today I really liked Tiberius Hefflin’s
Part of That World,
about the need to recognize non-code contributions in open source projects.
You should read it, it is good and true.But when I first got to the page, I saw this:To start with the positive, this text has an elegance to it. It gives a
peaceful quiet impression. It pairs perfectly with the mermaid
illustration on the page. But I find it hard to read. This typeface is too
weak to be light-on-dark, and letterspacing is almost always a bad idea for
body text. It


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