Apollo Client 1.0: A flexible, community-focused JavaScript GraphQL client

Today, we are proud to announce Apollo Client 1.0, “Pink Panther”! Apollo Client is now fully featured, stable and production-ready. If you’ve been holding off on trying GraphQL or Apollo, now’s a great time to check it out.Apollo Client is a client-side library that leverages the power of a GraphQL API to handle data fetching and management for you, so that you can spend less time plumbing data and more on building your application.Try it now with the interactive example on our home page.The Apollo communityI’m absolutely amazed and humbled by how far Apollo Client has come since the project’s start a little over a year ago. We set out to build a modular and powerful GraphQL client that works with any view layer.What we’ve achieved is much more than that: Not only have we built a fully-featured GraphQL client together with over 450 contributors, we’ve even advanced the state

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Publish Georgia’s State Laws, You’ll Get Sued For Copyright and Lose

Presto Vivace writes: If you want to read the official laws of the state of Georgia, it will cost you more than $1,000. Open-records activist Carl Malamud bought a hard copy, and it cost him $1,207.02 after shipping and taxes. A copy on CD was $1,259.41. The “good” news for Georgia residents is that they’ll only have to pay $385.94 to buy a printed set from LexisNexis. Malamud thinks reading the law shouldn’t cost anything. So a few years back, he scanned a copy of the state of Georgia’s official laws, known as the Official Georgia Code Annotated, or OCGA. Malamud made USB drives with two copies on them, one scanned copy and another encoded in XML format. On May 30, 2013, Malamud sent the USB drives to the Georgia speaker of the House, David Ralson, and the state’s legislative counsel, as well as other prominent Georgia lawyers and policymakers.

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OpenGL accelerated games come to Raspberry Pi

Eltechs released v2.0 of its ExaGear Desktop VM for running x86 apps on ARM/Linux devices. It adds OpenGL hardware graphics acceleration for the Pi 2 and 3. Recently, Raspbian developers led by Eric Anholt ported the OpenGL driver to Raspbian, thereby making the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 the first hacker SBCs to do so. […]

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IDG Contributor Network: Azure surpasses AWS as the public cloud of choice

A new survey of IT professionals shows Microsoft Azure has overtaken Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the public cloud provider of choice, although there is considerable overlap.The survey was commissioned by Sumo Logic, a data analytics provider, and was performed by UBM Research. It surveyed 230 IT professionals from companies with 500 or more employees.The survey found 80 percent of enterprises currently use or plan to use at least one public cloud provider, if not more. And given the figures, a large number are clearly using more than one. Around two-thirds (66 percent) of respondents said they use Azure while 55 percent said they use AWS. Salesforce App cloud comes in third at 28 percent, IBM fourth at 23 percent and Google is at 20 percent.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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