Building a Hackintosh Pro

If Apple made a mini tower that was upgradable and could take a full sized graphics card (or two), I’d have purchased it in a heartbeat. However, they don’t. There’s no doubt that Apple has a refresh for the desktop market in the works, I just don’t know if it’s going to be enough to satisfy the creative market who seem to be slowing migrating to Windows.
Maybe Apple have been waiting for the recently released Ryzen CPUs from AMD? Or maybe they are just waiting for WWDC to announce their new pro desktop machines, either way, I really hope they get it right this time. A modern cheese grater Mac would make a lot of professionals very, very happy.
I’ve used Macs for the last 20+ years, and in recent years I’ve also had a gaming PC at home. This is nice, but having to find room for both machines, along

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