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GitLab acquires Gitter

Hello everyone, amazing news today, Gitter has been acquired by GitLab. Wow!

Before getting into the details, we’d like to thank the 800,000+ people who make up the Gitter community for your enthusiasm and support for everything we’ve done. You’ve inspired our tiny team to keep shipping and making the open source and developer community a better place to connect to one another.

Gitter will continue to operate as a standalone network for easy community conversation. We will continue to support GitHub and Twitter logins and the integrations we have today. Over the coming months, we will be integrating deeper with GitLab to allow the same functionality for login, creating and joining communities from

Next piece of wow: we will be open sourcing all of the Gitter. That’s right, the web application, the mobile apps, the whole nine yards, free and open. This will not only allow the community to give back


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