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Why Is Gopher Still Relevant?

Most people who “get” Gopher are already using it and instinctively
understand why Gopher is still useful and handy. On the other hand,
people who inhabit the Web generation after
Gopher’s decline only see Gopherspace
as a prototype Web or a historical curiosity, not a world in its own
right — and more to the point, being only such a “prototype,” there is the
wide belief that Gopher plays no relevant role in today’s Internet and is
unnecessary. This has led to many regrettable consequences, such as the
neglect of servers and clients, or even active removal of support.

However, there is much to be gained from a heterogeneous network environment
where there are multiple methods of information access, and while the Web will
confidently remain the primary means of Internet information dissemination,
there continues to be a role for Gopher-based resources even in this modern
age. Gopher and the Web can, and should, continue to coexist.

The misconception that the modern renaissance of


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