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“Hello, (real) world” in PHP in 2017

You might think that it’s easy to write in PHP, and that “Hello, world” looks something like this:

(except for the bootstrap font), but now it’s a modern application according to all the canons. Well, almost according to all canons (except for tests, error checking, and much more), but I’m really sick and tired of doing it 🙂


Disputes like “Why do I need PHP if there’s Java?” have become more frequent nowadays. I don’t know who’s in the right, Holly Wars are tricky. But each dispute has an argument in favor of PHP — it’s easy for beginners. To my mind, this argument isn’t valid anymore, which is exactly what I was trying to say in this article. A novice programmer will have to learn lots of new things, as well as write tons of configs: frameworks (very similar to java frameworks), databases, linux, shminux, JavaScript with all its baggage,


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