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From Vagrant to NixOps

I have been following the development of NixOps for some months. NixOps is a cloud deployment tool using nix, the functional package manager for unix systems. Nix makes it very intuitive to define absolute package dependencies. No more thinking and guessing about required runtime dependencies.NixOps supports deploying to different platforms. Bare-metal, cloud, and even virtual environments like virtualbox work out of the box. I have worked in many projects using vagrant. Out of curiosity I migrated an existing vagrant project using wasted (Web Application STack for Extreme Development) to nix and NixOps.This post is a walkthrough to configure a symfony2 project with nginx, mysql, and php-fpm from scratch.

In the demo project you can see the final setup using the code from this blog post.
Demo link:

Before we get started we need following tools:
Also ensure the following settings in virtualbox:
open general settings
navigate to „Network“ section
in „Network“ switch to „Host-only Networks“ tab
if no network with the name „vboxnet0“ exists, create


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