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Deep Voice: Real-Time Neural Text-To-Speech

Baidu Research presents Deep Voice, a production-quality text-to-speech system constructed entirely from deep neural networks. The biggest obstacle to building such a system thus far has been the speed of audio synthesis – previous approaches have taken minutes or hours to generate only a few seconds of speech. We solve this challenge and show that we can do audio synthesis in real-time, which amounts to an up to 400X speedup over previous WaveNet inference implementations.
Synthesizing artificial human speech from text, commonly known as text-to-speech (TTS), is an essential component in many applications such as speech-enabled devices, navigation systems, and accessibility for the visually-impaired. Fundamentally, it allows human-technology interaction without requiring visual interfaces.
Modern TTS systems are based on complex, multi-stage processing pipelines, each of which may rely on hand-engineered features and heuristics. Due to this complexity, developing new TTS systems can be very labor intensive and difficult.
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